Thursday, February 23, 2012

Firebrand launches new CAST courses

The EC-Council Centre of Advanced Security Training (CAST) courses have arrived at Firebrand Training.

The six intensive 3 day courses are developed by EC-Council and are aimed at experienced students, who should already have EC-Council certifications.

The courses are up-to 80% lab – meaning they are very hands on. There isn't any exam for the courses; you’ll be CAST certified on its completion.

You’ll learn how to attack and defend highly-secure environments. You’ll be taught how to attack operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and the latest Linux servers.

You will be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills for performing mobile forensic investigations. The course is based on vendor-neutral digital forensic principals; with a focus on Apple, Google Android, and Blackberry devices.

You will learn how to fend-off attackers by learning the skills to write their code defensively. You’ll learn the new techniques for case-hardening their applications from within.

Once you learn how to attack, you must also learn the best practices and methodologies to secure the environment. You will learn how to reduce the effectiveness of the advanced persistent threat.

You will learn the history of cryptography, modern cryptographic methods, and how to use techniques like cryptanalysis. The course also covers topics such as hashing and digital certificates.

You will learn how to write your own application exploits from scratch.