Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revealed: The most sought after talent in 2012

Linux, along with Dice.com has created their first ever Linux Jobs Report.

The report reveals, that out of the 2,300 surveyed, eight in ten said that hiring a Linux talent is a priority in 2012. More than half of the firms said that they’re increasing the number of people who are Linux skilled.

Of all the firms surveyed, 67% say that they’re looking for Linux Developers, while 55% are looking for Linux system administrators.

Companies are looking for professionals skilled in Linux, with three to five years’ experience.

According to the report, Linux competent professionals have an edge over others in the industry. The industry average salary rise last year was only 2%, but Linux professionals “saw a five per cent increase, in their pay”.

Although being in demand, companies facing a rising challenge of finding Linux talent. The report reveals that “85 per cent say finding Linux talent is somewhat to very difficult, making Linux professionals some of the most sought after talent in 2012.” 

Linux certs which are in-demand are:

CompTIA Linux powered by LPI (Level 1)

LPI Level 2 Certification