Friday, March 30, 2012

New LPI Course: Linux Essentials

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has announced the launching of “Linux Essentials”, a new certification which measures foundation knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software.

"Linux is ubiquitous and plays a significant role in the server room, on our phones and tablets, cash registers and, of course, embedded devices everywhere.  Linux is in the enterprise, in movie studios, government, academia and throughout industry around the world.  We at LPI, with the help of our partner channel, are going to take it to the last frontier--the classroom.  LPI is at the forefront of creating the first generation of Linux professionals, and now with our "Linux Essentials" program we're going to create the first global generation of "users" who are as comfortable with Linux as they are with any other operating system," said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.
The “Linux Essentials” certification leads to a "Certificate of Achievement" recognising knowledge of the subject matter. The certification is valid for 10 years.

The “Linux Essentials” exam will be available in June 2012 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and in other nations around the world in 2013. 

A full description of “Linux Essentials” is available at:

Current Linux courses offered for Linux are: