Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is MSP?


What is MSP?

Managing Successful Programmes (or MSP) is a methodology which comprises of principles and procedures for managing a programmes.

It’s a proven ‘program management good practice’, as it successfully delivers change in an organisation. It does this by brings together the key principles, governance themes and interrelated processes to simplify the flow of business information.

MSP describes programme management as "the action of carrying out the coordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a dossier or projects and transformational activities to achieve outcomes and realise benefits of strategic importance to the business".

MSP is used widely by many organisations, in both public and private sectors. 

What are the benefits of using MSP?

MSP gives you a structured framework to ensure your program achieves its goals. It does this by guarantying that there is strong leadership, a focus on the benefit delivery, an aim to strife for and a strong engagement from stakeholders with realistic aims put into place.

How is MSP different to PRINCE2?

MSP helps manage a program environment where you also manage multiple projects. Whereas PRINCE2 is a structured method which is applied to a project environment to ensure projects deliver specific objects.

What MSP exams do I need to take?

There are three exams available for MSP.

The first one is the Foundation exam. It is multiple question and closed book. You’ll have 40 min to complete the exam which is out of 50 marks. You’ll need to at least get 30 marks (60%) to pass.

The next exam is the Practitioner. In order to do this exam, you’ll first need to pass foundation exam. This one is an open book exam that lasts 2:30 hours and is out of180 marks. You’ll need to get at least 90 marks to pass (50%).

The last exam is the Advanced Practitioner exam. You’ll first need to pass both the Foundation and the Practitioner. Unlike the other two, is an essay style exam which lasts 2:30 hours. It is open book and you’ll need to get at least 35 out of the 75 marks to pass (50%).

Do I need PRINCE2 as a prerequisite for MSP?

You do not need PRINCE2 to pass the course, but it does help and is recommended.

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