Monday, April 16, 2012

What’s changing in Microsoft Certification, and Why?

Microsoft has announced changes to its certification program to address the advancements in Cloud Computing. Below is a consolidated overview of what’s changed in Microsoft:
  1. A certification model consolidating credentials into 3 main skill levels: Associate, Expert, and Master, making it easier for professionals to plan their career path.
  2. Certifications covering multiple technologies, and not tied to specific product versions.
  3. Mandatory Recertification to ensure competency and knowledge are up-to-date for professionals.

Microsoft is changing its Microsoft Certification Program to:
  • Make it easier for hiring managers to recognise credentials that match their needs.
  • Make it easier for professionals to plan their career path and know which certifications are needed to get there.
  • Microsoft’s re-introduction of MCSE provides IT Professionals and employers credentials needed for Cloud Computing.  

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