Wednesday, May 30, 2012

APMG to run ASL & BiSL qualifications

APMG will run the ASL and BiSL qualifications worldwide, after getting into a contract with ASL BiSL Foundation. Only APMG will undertake the ASL and BiSL exams.

Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG said, “This is an important step in creating international awareness and demand for the ASL and BiSL qualifications. We plan to ensure candidates who currently do not have access to ASL and BiSL will be able to access training in their region. We are experts in translating material and rolling it out globally. This is good news for candidates and for the ASL BiSL Foundation.”

Lucille van der Hagen, Managing Director of the ASL BiSL Foundation said, “From today, our examinations will be processed by APMG. We hope that in the future more candidates who want qualifications in ASL and BiSL will be able to take the exams in their own language because of our partnership. We chose to work with APMG because of its wide international network, its high quality standards and service level and its good relationships with owners of related qualification schemes like PRINCE2® and ITIL.”