Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CIOs demand multi-skilled professionals

Computerworld reports that CIOs are finding it difficult to find multi-skilled IT workers competent in constantly changing technologies like wireless networking, cloud computing, mobile security and big data analytics.
IT managers are encouraging cross-training programs for the workers they have.
According to several top IT managers at SNW, CIOs are aiming to make their staff as broad-skilled as possible, by breaking down specialisations.
"We definitely have a skills gap. I need a broader bench. I need people who have two or three areas of expertise," David Richter, vice president of Infrastructure Solutions at Kimberly-Clark said.
Kimberly-Clark has condensed their IT titles, cutting job descriptions from about 350 to 40.
"Part of our training and individual development plans ... are focused on training people to make them more competent in their current role, and also for their next role," Richter added.
“The additional training both adds to the workers skill sets and lets CIOs better deal with constrained IT budgets by not having to hire more people with specific skills”, he said.