Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five steps to defend your business from Hackers

Last few months have seen the Lebanese government website been hacked twice, the Flame Virus spreading at a rapid pace and LinkedIn losing 1.5 million account passwords to hackers. This once again shows just how vulnerable our cyber-security is.

The 2011 Security Report by Symantec indicates a startling 81% increase globally in malicious cyber-attacks compared to last year. 5.5 billion attacks were blocked just by Symantec alone.

There are a few simple steps that Selahaddin Karatas, manager of security firm SolidPass, recommends as start-off basics:

  1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) must be in place from day one. 
  2. Login forms must be encrypted and personal data and private information should be secured in an encrypted database, and anonymised.
  3. Admin rights should be clearly set. It must be clear who has access to what and where.
  4. Businesses must be cautious of "insider" attacks.
  5. Programs that use private personal information or import contact address books should definitely have stronger security in place like iCloud.