Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Microsoft WPC - What happened on Day Two?

Firebrand is at the Microsoft WPC 2012 being held in Toronto, Canada. We found out about many new Microsoft programs and technology features, in line with Microsoft’s theme for this year’s WPC - A New Era. Together. Microsoft gave an overview of the capabilities of virtual machine for Windows Azure, a program designed to help customers transition from the VMware infrastructure to Microsoft. They explained why they believe MS Dynamics will be a true game changer for ERP, and new Windows Phone 8 features and capabilities.

Summary of all the notable announcements from the day:

Windows Server / Azure: A new Community Technology Preview (CTP) of new technologies which enable hosting service providers to use their Windows Server data centers to deliver the same great web site and virtual machine capabilities recently announced for Windows Azure.

Switch to Hyper-V Program: Microsoft announced a new “Switch to Hyper-V” program which will help customers transition from VMware infrastructure to Microsoft. The Program provides partners with guidance, training and software tools, including the Virtual Machine Migration Toolkit, to more seamlessly migrate virtual machines to Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center.

Microsoft Dynamics: Several new independent software vendors are choosing Microsoft Dynamics or extending their solutions across Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Windows Phone: Microsoft revealed the new hardware capabilities in the Windows Phone 8 and the features Windows Phone 8 will deliver through integration with Windows 8. They mentioned the apps they’ll be launching for the Windows Phone 8.

What’s Your Cause Challenge: Microsoft has launched a new challenge and they want to know: What’s your cause? Between July 10 and August 31, 2012 Microsoft Partners are challenged to nominate 500 eligible non-profits serving youth in their communities to receive a software donation from Microsoft. More information here

To watch a live stream of WPC, or to catch up on the day’s talks, visit: Digital WPC