Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keep your Business Secure, be a Cloud Auditor

Your company will consider moving to the cloud soon, unless it hasn’t done already. But what are the threats and what are the vulnerabilities?

According to Gartner: security, privacy and legality are the main concerns for organisations moving to cloud computing. As a Cloud Auditor, you would be able to recognise all risks, vulnerabilities, and you would ensure that your company is secure. Having the skills to perform these tasks with a strong understanding of how the cloud works would make you a powerful and recognised asset to any organisation.

Why keep up with the cloud?
Around 65% of companies said that their IT staff had taken training to build new cloud skills. Depending on the job role, there are several skills that are needed in an IT team using the cloud:

IT Auditors should learn how to create audit projects for virtual environments.

IT risk, compliance, security or governance experts should learn how to assess virtual infrastructures and cloud architectures against requirements.

IT Architects should learn what auditors look for and how to design, develop & implement necessary controls.

Learn all the above in just four days on a VMware®Virtualization& Cloud Audit Professional course.