Monday, August 13, 2012

The Cloud: Four ways it will change business and IT

The Global Summit on ICT in London on the 3rd of August saw a lot of attention on the cloud system and how it will change business and the IT world. The founder of Autonomy Mike Lynch shared his thoughts. Here is a summary:

Although many are arguing that security is not a big deal on the cloud, it could a very severe PR issue, private information can get out.

Price of infrastructure
The price will go down because company buying power has increased drastically. Before, companies would have to buy large and powerful servers. But the cloud does not require these servers; instead it requires many smaller and cheaper ones. So if a company like Facebook wants to buy a large amount of servers, the vendor can’t afford to set the price as they cannot afford to lose an order of that size.

Power and control over IT
The cloud has shifted the power from IT to the business personnel. This is because the cloud gives everyone the ability to buy services without the need of the IT department.

Ownership of data
One of points Lynch made clear was that owning data is what makes money in the cloud. Data becomes an asset because customer data and information is what many large enterprises are trying to get a hold of.

Autonomy has built a 50 petabyte (1 million gigabytes) private cloud. Lynch left Autonomy in May which was recently bought by HP. For more information on Autonomy, click here.

How else do you think the cloud will change the business and IT world?