Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to reduce cost of network security by 30-70%: Webinar

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Sapphire and Altimate have teamed up and will be hosting a webinar to show the security, productivity and cost savings that can be achieved by an organisation by using Stonesoft network security.

Stonesoft Mass Security is a variety of network security products that offer:

·   Multiple security functions
·   Comprehensive, centralised and easy to operate administration

Stonesoft solutions state that they can reduce network operation expenses and total costs by up to 70%.

·   Lowest total cost of ownership on the market with Stonesoft
·   Administration cost savings
·   Save up to 50% on appliances with our competitor trade-in scheme

The webinar will be taking place on Monday 24 September offering an interesting insight into how Stonesoft operates within an organisation

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