Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Most sophisticated computer virus ever found?

The most sophisticated computer virus was discovered two years ago now in power-plants,  factories and traffic control systems all around the world. It was said to be 20 times more complex than any other virus code created before... Stuxnet.

Stuxnet had a number of capabilities. It was able to turn up the pressure in nuclear reactors, switch off oil pipelines and while doing all this; it would tell all the system operators that everything was ok.

Stuxnet didn't forge fake security clearance. It had real clearance stolen from one of the most reputable security systems in the world: Realtek. It also exploited security gaps that system creators where unaware of. These are called ‘Zero Days’ and they can go for up to $100,000 in the black market. How many ‘Zero Days’ did Stuxnet use? 20!

It was designed to keep dormant until it reached its specific target, without that target it did not activate.

It was designed to shut down the centrifuges that spin nuclear material at Iran’s enrichment facilities.

Stuxnet was a weapon, and it was the first to be made entirely out of code

The ISIS has stated that Stuxnet may have shut down over 1000 centrifuges at Natanz (Iran’s main enrichment facility). Last year, the Iranian government stated that the virus’s infection of the Bushehr’s nuclear facility meant that turning on the plant could lead to a national electricity blackout.

So what does that kind of scare do to a country?
Since then, Iran gathered an army of online security experts and is now said to have the second largest online army in the world.

Who created the Stuxnet virus?
There is no evidence as to who. But some believe that Israel was responsible as the code contains references to the Hebrew bible. Others believe it was the US. But it seems as though we will never know for sure.

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What is this ethical hacker? 
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