Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kodu – a fun approach to programming


Educating a 10-year-old about programming is not easy, unless you do it in an engaging way with games like Kodu. Kodu is a visual programming game created by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs with the intention of teaching the basis of programming and coding to kids, while they are having fun playing on their PCs or Xbox.

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s fascinating Project Spark at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Kodu has restarted to get recognition. Despite the fact that the former is “far grander in scale” (WP Central), minor similarities between the two are still easy to spot, which put Kodu on the radar.

With Kodu, anyone can create a game let it be kids or parents. It’s fun and easy as it requires no design or programming skills. It is great, isn’t it?  And that’s not the end of it. 

According to FUSE Labs “Kodu Teaches more than Programming”: 
  • It's a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling
  • It demonstrates that programming is a creative medium
  • It helps children with critical thinking, breaking a complex goal into manageable steps, and iterate on the design process – an approach applicable to all academic subjects, business and personal relationships
  • It introduces the logic and problem solving of programming
  • It introduces conditions and sequences, which teaches cause and effect
  • Students learn about cooperation, logic and creativity in addition to programming

As we wrote earlier this year “the career opportunities for coders is vast”, so it’s never early enough to start, yet only in 1 out of 10 schools do children learn how to code.

“Children are the future of our world” and Microsoft appears to agree, hence the creation of this great game.

You can check out the original video on Code.org's YouTube page - What most schools don't teach

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