Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Microsoft stats


The software giant Microsoft has been around since 1975 and gradually became one of the most influential enterprises of the world. With the company's approaching 40 years of age, Firebrand recently decided to create an Infographic showing the creation of industry defining technology and the launch of Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft is known by everyone as the provider of Office and the Windows operating system. But what many fail to remember is the fact that Microsoft has been creating technology for almost 40 years that affects just about everything we do both at home and at work.

For the lovers of technology and numbers, Microsoft also created their own metro designed collection of visual statistics about its products and services. 

Printscreen of some stats

Emails have become essential in our lives, both at home and at work, and because of that so has our email clients to keep them all in check. But did you know that Outlook has over 400 million users?! 

Microsoft had also played an important role in instant messaging. Although many have now forgotten, Messenger was the go to choice to keeping in contact with your friends. But now with Lync as the choice for work messaging and with Microsoft acquiring Skype, they are back in the game. 

Did you know?

Every single day, Skype users around the world spend 2 billion minutes chatting. That is more than 3,400 years of time spent every single day! 

Game consoles are also a large chunk of Microsoft’s product portfolio. Since the launch in 2005, there have been over 76 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide, with over 24 million Kinect sensors.

Microsoft have won over 320 major awards and is referred to as one of the best and most prestigious employers. As you'll soon find out they definitely know a lot about hospitality.

There are over 97,000 Microsoft employees, who consume around 2.6 million gallons of free beverages and over 550,000 slices of pizza each year.

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