Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Are you aware of the man-in-the-middle?


The man-in-the-middle attack is one of the most common techniques used by hackers. It is an easy way of intercepting the user’s data, while being in the middle of the connection a between a user and a server. This attack often takes place in locations, you would least expect it, but let’s see the concept first.

Man-in-the-Middle allows the hacker to intrude an existing connection between a server and the end-user. Once the intrusion’s been made, the hacker can read, modify and even falsify the intercepted communication. The attacker basically acts as a proxy, and thereby all communication between the server and the end-user passes through him.

Imagine a scenario when you’re sitting in a local coffee shop. Most of them offer free wireless internet to their guests, but it’s useful to check twice if that signal is really from the store. A hacker may be seated next to you, sharing his own network connection. Once you are connected, he’s able to easily intercept your communication.

This way, the hacker can get your credentials for your various online accounts, such as banking, emails, social media and so on. To learn more about MITM, check out Firebrand CEO Robert Chapman on BBC Arabic News about ethical hacking.  

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