Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hacker Halted Europe 2013 Interviews - Part 1 - Jay Bavisi


In October, EC-Council’s Hacker Halted visited Europe for the first time. Firebrand was there at the conference in Reykjavik, Iceland and interviewed industry professionals about the hottest topics of cyber security.

The first speaker is EC-Council’s co-founder and president Jay Bavisi, who recollects the main ideas of his speech, entitled “The Cyber Security Quagmire: Finding the Panacea”.

His keynote presentation compared the obstacles faced by IT security companies to those faced by pharmaceutical companies. Mr Bavisi pointed out that while the pharmaceutical industry already managed to overcome diseases such as polio through vaccinations, the IT security industry struggles to achieve similar success against cyberspace threats.

He also mentioned that EC-Council would be launching new secure coding courses, as well as a new E|CSA & L|PT exam in 2014. The new exam will be 100% practical, requiring students to perform a penetration test on EC-Council’s virtual bank. 

Concluding this interview Mr Bavisi also spoke about the speculations whether Edward Snowden was a Certified Ethical Hacker before becoming an internationally wanted man.  

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