Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do you keep an eye on work devices?


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies have been stressing out IT managers and company executives, ever since they appeared on the scene. However, a recent survey, conducted in the United Kingdom, reveals that there is something even worse than careless employees using their own devices for work. What do you think it is? It’s careless employees using and losing work devices. Information Age collected the most disturbing numbers from a recent survey of 2,500 UK adults, by Vision Critical and Trend Micro.

The most alarming news to IT managers is that over one quarter (27 per cent) of participants have reported having up to three work devices lost or stolen, while only 11 per cent have ever lost a personal cell phone.

But the so-called “culture of carelessness” goes far beyond "just losing" devices. Although 31 per cent of participants use Wi-Fi hotspots regularly, less than half of them (44 per cent) take the time to check security levels of networks before using them. The same percentage said they are more worried about losing personal content, such as photos, documents or banking details, than sensitive business information. Only 3 per cent were concerned about letting cybercriminals access corporate data.

Rik Ferguson, global VP of security research at Trend Micro said: “The survey shows a worrying attitude of carelessness towards work devices and an ignorance of the full impact of losing data without the correct security measures being put in place.”

“Employees should take the same amount of care with their work device as they do with their personal ones, and be made fully aware of the procedures and risks before a device is given to them.”

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